Homeowner Coverage Every Arizonan Needs

Arizona homeowners face different hazards from homeowners in the rest of the USA. Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ, can provide you with the coverage you need for the challenges of living in The Grand Canyon State.

What do you need in your homeowner’s policy that you don’t need anywhere else?

Newcomers to Arizona may be surprised to learn that flooding is one of the state’s major homeowner hazards. Rains during the monsoon season can quickly send torrents of water down canyons and ravines that are usually bone dry.

Floods can cause devastating damage to your home in just minutes. To get flood insurance, you need a separate flood insurance policy. Your basic homeowner’s policy does not cover it.

Don’t let the dry landscape fool you. One out of every five claims for flood damage is filed by a homeowner in an area rated low- to moderate risk for flooding.

Another natural hazard Arizona homeowners face is earthquakes.

Arizona does not experience as many quakes as the Pacific Coast states; there are hundreds of minor earth tremors yearly. 

Historically, Arizona’s most severe earthquake damage has occurred due to solid quakes in Mexico, and their effects are felt as far as the northern part of the state. Arizona has had an earthquake as strong as 7.2 on the Richter scale.

Should you buy earthquake insurance? The honest answer is "maybe not," but it’s best to discuss this with your agent at Freedom Insurance Agency, whether you live in Mesa, AZ, or anywhere else in the state.

Your standard Arizona homeowner insurance policy typically will cover haboobs and wildfires — but it is best to have your Freedom Insurance agent check your policy to make sure. Call us today to get the homeowner’s insurance you need.