Tips to Help Your Renters Insurance Claim Get Approved

By the time you’ve suffered a loss or damage in your rental, it’s too late to go back and wish you‘d gotten renters insurance. If you’re in a rental home or apartment, you definitely need renters insurance, which you can get from Freedom Insurance Agency serving Mesa, AZ. If you do need to make a claim, here are some helpful tips that can make your claim more likely to be approved.

TipsFor Renters Insurance

Document Your Possessions

Take an hour to go around your rental with your phone camera or video camera. Record all of your possessions, including those that are stored away in closets, jewelry boxes, etc. Make sure to also record or take photos of sports equipment that you keep on your deck or patio or in a storage locker on the property of your rental unit.

Make an Official Police Report

The chances of the police actually finding your lost or stolen item are slim. However, insurance companies expect you to do due diligence and report the loss officially. This way, if the goods are found, the insurance company can recoup their cost for paying out the claim.

Get an Accurate Replacement Value

When you make your claim, the insurance company may ask you for an estimate of the replacement value. You can get this by gathering your original receipt or purchase information and by looking online to see how much the item sells for. It’s helpful to get three sources to compare the current selling price. This will give you sufficient backup to support your replacement cost estimate.

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Whether you’re already in a rental unit or you just moved into a new rental house or apartment, Freedom Insurance Agency serving Mesa, AZ can get you set up with renters insurance so you can be sure your valuable possessions are protected.