Classic Car Insurance FAQs

When you have a classic car, you have unique insurance needs. At Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ, we offer classic car coverage so you can protect your asset. 

Does My Car Qualify for Classic Car Insurance? 

Requirements for classic car insurance vary, but there are some standard requirements. 

Most vehicles must be at least 20 to 25 years old or older to qualify. If you have an exotic car or a valuable replica car, these will also qualify. Classic vehicles including military vehicles, hearses, and fire trucks also qualify. 

What are the Requirements for Classic Car Insurance?

In addition to meeting the above requirements, your vehicle must not be your "daily driver" or primary vehicle. If you drive your vehicle to car shows, exhibitions, and occasional recreational drives, you meet this requirement. 

You must also store the vehicle in a secure location. Generally, this means it’s stored in an enclosed and locked space, like a garage. 

What is Agreed Value?

Agreed value means that you and your insurer agree on a value for your vehicle before your policy begins. Standard insurance policies offer the actual value of your vehicle in the event of a loss. This takes factors like depreciation into consideration. 

An agreed value policy allows you to insure your vehicle for the amount you choose, which allows you to protect your investment. 

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover? 

Classic car insurance covers many of the same events as standard auto insurance, including damage to your vehicle and liability coverage. Optional coverage may include roadside assistance, accessories, and the ability to keep your salvaged vehicle in the event of a total loss. 

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