Hitting the Road: How is Full-Time Motorhome Insurance Different from Vacation Use?

Are You One of a Million Full-Time RVers?

According to the RV Industry Association, there are a million RVers in the USA living as "full-time nomads." If you’re one of them or live six months or more in your RV each year, we’re with you at Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ. The insurance needs of the full-time RV life are different from occasional vacation use.

When you’re taking a trip every now and then, your insurance is similar to motorist insurance for your car or another vehicle. Once you make RV life your lifestyle, the coverage that includes typical homeowner-style elements can make your life much easier.

What are the Concerns of Full-Time RV Life?

One of the most important coverage features you might need while living in your RV long-term is providing somewhere you can live if your RV needs damage repairs. You’ll also need to think more about liability issues, even shared liability if you’re part of an RV park HOA. There are typical concerns of visitors to your home experiencing an injury, and inadvertent harm to others’ property by your RV’s occupants that causes damage, which your standard homeowner’s policy would be designed for in "stationary life."

Other Areas Full-Timers Think About

Coverage for your personal property, medical expenses, and any coverage required by your lender if you have an RV loan may be important. In the event that your RV is totaled, there are several kinds of insurance available that can make sure you’ll still be able to afford a new replacement RV, even if the value of your RV has declined over the years. Don’t forget RV-scale roadside assistance and towing. 

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Understanding RV Insurance and Mold & Mildew Coverage

If you own an RV in Mesa, AZ, you may want to consider purchasing RV insurance. Not only can it help protect your RV from theft and damage caused by accidents, but some policies even cover mold and mildew.

Freedom Insurance Agency can help you understand what exactly RV insurance covers and whether or not mold and mildew are included. We want you to know the facts so that you can make the right decision for yourself.

Does RV Insurance Cover Mold & Mildew?

Mold and mildew can cause serious damage to an RV over time if left unchecked. Unfortunately, most standard policies do not cover these types of damage. However, there are some insurers that offer special add-on packages that include additional coverage such as mold and mildew protection.

It’s important to check with your insurer to see if this type of coverage is available. It can be invaluable in protecting your investment from costly repairs down the road.

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When it comes to understanding the ins and outs of RV insurance in Mesa, AZ, it’s important to know what kind of coverage is available and what it includes. Generally speaking, most policies do not include protection against mold and mildew due to the fact that these types of damage can be difficult to predict or prevent. However, some insurers offer special add-on packages that can provide peace of mind knowing that these potential risks are covered should something happen down the line.

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Does Your Motorcycle Insurer Care if You Wear a Helmet?

In Mesa, AZ, state law dictates that you must wear a helmet if you are under eighteen years of age. This means that legal adults are not obligated to wear them. Now, we don’t need to tell you that wearing a helmet is the wiser choice. It will save your life one day. But suppose that, for one reason or another, you’re riding without a helmet and you get into an accident. Would this invalidate your motorcycle insurance claim?

Your Insurer Will Probably Honor Your Claim, But…

What it really comes down to is whether you’re breaking any laws. Since you’re not required to wear a helmet in Arizona by law, your insurance provider won’t require that you wear one, either.

But, the fact that you were not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident may result in a lower payout than you might have received had you been wearing one. Insurance payouts aren’t always a yes-or-no equation, and if your provider feels that you’ve been lax in your approach to safety, they might not be willing to accept full responsibility for your injuries.

So, the short answer is that if you call on Freedom Insurance Agency following a helmetless motorcycle accident in Mesa, AZ, we’ll cover your bike, we’ll cover liability costs and anything else you’re signed up for. But we might draw the line at head injuries sustained without a helmet.

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Our advice is to wear your helmet at all times, even if you think it’s going to be a short trip. If you call Freedom Insurance Agency for a policy today, you can be sure we’ll have your back, but you’ve got to take measures to protect yourself, too.

Things to Know About Boat Insurance if Your Vessel is in Storage

Keeping your boat in storage during the off-season is often necessary, and it’s important to understand the hazards involved and the need for sufficient coverage. It isn’t a requirement for Mesa, AZ residents to purchase boat insurance, but many lenders will require that you have indemnification while you carry a balance. 

How Boat Insurance Helps

Homeowners’ insurance will cover some vessels, but there is usually a limit in size to what is included. Canoes or sailboats that travel less than 25 miles per hour can often fall under home insurance when stored on your property, and your Freedom Insurance Agency agent will be able to give you more specific details. 

Your boat can face perils on land, such as a fire to the unit in which it is contained, damaging the structure and body of the watercraft. In addition, expensive equipment can be affected as well. Your vessel can be a target of vandalism or of theft, and it’s important to inventory the customized features you have added to your boat and to record the value these impart.

Winter storms can damage your storage facility or cause leaks and subsequent water damage that can create issues with mold. It’s important to be aware of insect populations or of small burrowing animals that can wreak havoc on electronic systems, chewing through wires. Even falling trees can pose a hazard, as can the ice storms that sometimes accompany them. 

Repairing or replacing a boat can be costly when subject to perils in storage, and a good insurance policy can help alleviate out-of-pocket expenses. 

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What business owners need to know about umbrella insurance

Business owners and operators in the greater Mesa, AZ area can rely on the Freedom Insurance Agency. If you have any questions about the many effective ways that an umbrella policy can protect your company, give us a call today. 

Benefits of umbrella insurance for your business

The main benefit of an umbrella insurance policy is the additional liability protection it will give to your company. As a company becomes more established, it is more likely to become a target of frivolous lawsuits from either disgruntled employees or litigious customers.

Without enhanced liability, your company may be held financially responsible in situations where the firm’s primary policy is exhausted. Unfortunately, just one lawsuit could be enough to meet and exceed your primary policy limits. Without an umbrella policy in place to provide additional protection, the situation can quickly turn into a bad one.

When a company’s liability insurance is exhausted, it could be possible for a plaintiff to come after the business’s assets. And, depending on how a firm is structured, it could also be possible for the owners’ assets to be at risk. No one wants to go through this type of scenario, and the most effective way to avoid such a situation is with an umbrella insurance policy.

Why not sit down now with a local agent to review your current liability protection and determine if it still meets all of your company’s coverage needs?

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What is basic auto insurance and is it right for me?

Basic auto insurance is what is required by the state to legally drive your vehicle. It differs from state to state but in many cases, it is just liability insurance. Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ is an independent insurance agency that offers our customers the most choices and the best carriers and prices. We will make sure you have the required coverage. 

What is basic auto insurance and is it right for me?

In Arizona, basic auto insurance is liability coverage. The amount required is 25/50/15. What that means is $25,000 for medical expenses for the first person hurt in an accident and $50,000 for all the injuries in that accident. $15,000 is for damage to property. While this may seem adequate, it can be very minimal when you consider what a hospital stay can cost these days. The cost of repainting a vehicle can also be much higher than $15,000 with vehicle prices averaging $47,000. You can see the problem. 

If you are leasing your vehicle or have a car loan, this basic amount will not be acceptable. You will need to protect the vehicle and that requires full coverage. Collision covers collisions and comprehensive covers lots of other things including theft, vandalism, flood, and damage from deer, just to name a few. 

After your car loan is paid off, you are not required to have full coverage. However, if you are like most people, you depend on your vehicle to do the normal activities of daily life. Many people live in areas where public transportation is not readily available. A vehicle is a necessity. If you have an accident where you are responsible or are the only driver, how would you pay to have your vehicle repaired? If it is a hardship, it is worth thinking about having collision and comprehensive coverage. 

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Are Floods Common in the Arizona Desert?

The desert is a harsh environment, especially when it comes to weather. The lack of trees and other vegetation can make it difficult for plants and animals to survive in the desert. However, some plants have adapted to the harsh desert climate and can survive on the occasional rain shower.

Some areas of the Arizonan desert can flood during monsoon season. Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ is here to give you the information you need to understand our region’s flooding risks.

When is the monsoon season in Arizona?

Monsoon season in Arizona typically lasts from July to September, though the exact timing can vary from year to year. The monsoon season is caused by the movement of moisture from the ocean toward the land, which is called onshore wind.

This wind brings moisture from the ocean and causes the region to get rain and thunderstorms. The monsoon can cause flooding in some parts of Arizona, but not all areas will get rain during the monsoon season.

How often do floods happen in Arizona?

On average, our state gets about 40 to 100 floods annually. Most of these floods are caused by heavy rains during the monsoon season. Flooding can also be caused by snowmelt during the winter, where snow at higher altitudes causes water to run down the mountains and into the valleys.

Arizona’s experienced 116 severe floods in the last ten years. Most of these were flash floods instead of river floods. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) defines a severe flash flood as one that causes damage or injury to people or property. In the worst cases, a flood is designated "catastrophic," meaning that the danger is imminent and is likely to cause death or severe injury.

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As you can see, even though we live in a desert state, flooding is still a significant problem in and around Mesa, AZ. Flood insurance is not part of a standard homeowners insurance policy. Reach out to Freedom Insurance Agency today to find out more.

Does My Home Insurance Cover Non-relatives Living in My House?

Insurance companies are a complicated part of our society. They provide us with protection in a disaster or emergency, such as a fire or car crash. They also make a profit, which means they are not charities. This often leaves people confused as to which situations are covered by their home insurance and which situations aren’t.

At Freedom Insurance Agency of Mesa, AZ, we understand that a household isn’t always a nuclear family. Especially in today’s world, where many people live with roommates, friends, or romantic partners, it’s essential to understand the details of your insurance policy.

Who is covered by your policy?

As a general rule, home insurance covers yourself and members of your household with whom you have an "insurable interest." "Insurable interest" is a term that refers to someone who would be directly financially affected by something happening in your life.

Insurance companies typically cover:

  • You
  • Your spouse
  • Relatives living in your home
  • Any person under 21 who is in your custody, such as foster children

Non-relatives are typically not covered by home insurance, even if they live with you. However, there are a few things you can do.

How to Ensure A Non-Relative Has Home Insurance Coverage

  • Your policy likely has a section where you can add the person as a "Named Insured." This would give that person a similar designation as you on the policy. This is also known as "joint insurance."
  • If you want to ensure a person but not give them equal control of the policy, you can consider adding an "Other persons in the household" endorsement. This would treat that person the same as a relative listed on the policy.
  • Your non-relative could purchase their policy if they want their insurance. If you rent a space in your home, they could qualify for renter’s insurance.

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