Mold Remediation After Your Residence Is Flooded

Flooding can lead to mold growth within your residence. By taking the proper measures, you can minimize or even prevent mold growth altogether. Use the guidelines provided below to assist you in your efforts.

Quick Response

Responding quickly to flooding is crucial. A swift response will ensure that the proper authorities are dispatched to your residence in good time. Acting promptly also allows you to get your insurance claim filed quickly. Once an insurance adjuster assesses the water damage, procedures to process your claim will commence.

Drying Process

A mold remediation team comprises licensed professionals trained to diligently dry and clean surfaces affected by a flood. The drying process is a vital step that must be handled thoroughly.

These professionals utilize specialized drying equipment to dry textiles and other porous materials affected by a flood. Large items that need to be dried may be transported to a facility managed by the remediation team.

Cleaning Process

The mold remediation team will employ cleaning procedures to disinfect surfaces that became saturated during the flood. The cleaning process involves using commercial cleaning agents and mechanical equipment, which are perfectly safe in a domestic environment.

Inspection Process

During the insurance claims process, your claim assessor will outline the inspection steps that will be taken at the end of the mold remediation process. If mold is detected in your home, an assessment of the premises will be required. This assessment will determine if it is safe for you and your family to return home.

More Assistance

Should you have any questions about the remediation process, don’t hesitate to contact an agent at Freedom Insurance Agency. Our agents serving Mesa, AZ, will be more than happy to offer guidance.

Homeowner Coverage Every Arizonan Needs

Arizona homeowners face different hazards from homeowners in the rest of the USA. Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ, can provide you with the coverage you need for the challenges of living in The Grand Canyon State.

What do you need in your homeowner’s policy that you don’t need anywhere else?

Newcomers to Arizona may be surprised to learn that flooding is one of the state’s major homeowner hazards. Rains during the monsoon season can quickly send torrents of water down canyons and ravines that are usually bone dry.

Floods can cause devastating damage to your home in just minutes. To get flood insurance, you need a separate flood insurance policy. Your basic homeowner’s policy does not cover it.

Don’t let the dry landscape fool you. One out of every five claims for flood damage is filed by a homeowner in an area rated low- to moderate risk for flooding.

Another natural hazard Arizona homeowners face is earthquakes.

Arizona does not experience as many quakes as the Pacific Coast states; there are hundreds of minor earth tremors yearly. 

Historically, Arizona’s most severe earthquake damage has occurred due to solid quakes in Mexico, and their effects are felt as far as the northern part of the state. Arizona has had an earthquake as strong as 7.2 on the Richter scale.

Should you buy earthquake insurance? The honest answer is "maybe not," but it’s best to discuss this with your agent at Freedom Insurance Agency, whether you live in Mesa, AZ, or anywhere else in the state.

Your standard Arizona homeowner insurance policy typically will cover haboobs and wildfires — but it is best to have your Freedom Insurance agent check your policy to make sure. Call us today to get the homeowner’s insurance you need.

Reasons Why You Need a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

If you have a classic car that you want to protect, you should consider getting a temperature-controlled storage unit to store this vehicle. After all, it’s an investment, and repairs due to damage from the elements can be costly. 

Prevent Rust

A big reason to have this temperature-controlled storage unit is to eliminate rust. These classic cars have a lot of age, and those in mint condition are more susceptible to rust than others. Trying to repair rust damage is one of the more costly repairs for most classic cars. 

Eliminate Sun Damage

The exterior of classic cars can also suffer from sun damage, especially in places like Mesa, AZ. With a climate-controlled storage unit, you can significantly reduce the amount of sun that each vehicle sees, only getting exposure during car shows when it’s been detailed and has wax protection to stop the damage from the UV rays. 

Protect The Car’s Interior

Many classic cars have their original interiors made of leather, fabric, or polyester, so you want to keep them in the best condition possible. Sun damage and exposure to hot temperatures can cause the interior to crack and require repair. Your climate-controlled unit will always keep it at the same temperature, so there isn’t any damage. 

Have More Space At Home

If you’re storing your classic car at home, then it’s taking up garage space that you could be using for other things. By getting a storage unit for your classic car, you can use your property for things you want and add to your collection.

If you’re in the Mesa, AZ, area and looking for a classic car insurance policy, contact our team at Freedom Insurance Agency today. 

Do You Need to Update Your Recreational Insurance Policy?

No matter what kinds of recreational activities you like or the types of vehicles you have for that purpose, you want to keep yourself and your possessions safe and protected. Among the best ways to do that in the Mesa, AZ area is with quality recreational insurance from Freedom Insurance Agency. Then, you can enjoy your time out and about having adventures, and you won’t need to worry about whether you and the things you own are protected in the event of a claim.

If you’ve had your recreational policy for a while and haven’t made any updates, now is a great time to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date so that you can be ready for your next vacation. This kind of insurance is designed to protect recreational vehicles like ATVs and snow machines so you can enjoy them fully whenever you want. Our agents are here to help ensure you still have the right vehicle coverage and how you use them.

Ideally, you should review your policy with your agent once every year. That way, it’s easy and convenient to make any updates you might not have thought of or changes you may have forgotten about. Of course, you don’t have to wait for a yearly review to make changes if you need them. Working with an agent makes it easy to update your policy any time of the year if your circumstances change or you need something different.

Contact us at Freedom Insurance Agency today if you’re in the Mesa, AZ, area and looking for recreational insurance. Whether you need a new policy or you’re looking for a review and update, we’re here to help you get the right coverage for all your ongoing recreational needs.

Why Everyone Who Rents Should Have Renters Insurance

Secure Your Valuables with Renters Insurance

Homeownership rates have been declining nationwide, including in states like Arizona. More and more people are opting to rent, which perfectly suits our fast-paced lifestyles. However, this shift doesn’t diminish the innate desire to protect the place we call home. For residents in and around Mesa, AZ, Freedom Insurance Agency offers comprehensive solutions for safeguarding what matters most.

Renters Insurance: Ensuring the Security of Your Belongings

When we think of home, we often recall the cherished memories that were made there, the people we shared those moments with, and the valuable possessions that accompany these memories. Whether it’s your first bike, an heirloom jewelry piece, or a prized collection, all items hold a special place in our hearts; naturally, we want to secure them.

While renters don’t have to worry about property maintenance, like fixing a leaky roof or dealing with storm damage, this doesn’t cover the contents within. Renters face many of the same risks as homeowners regarding their valuable possessions, including dangers from theft or fire. Renters insurance can aid in replacing these items and alleviating the financial burden associated with such losses – all while backed by the professional guidance of knowledgeable insurance agents at Freedom Insurance Agency.

Expert Assistance for All Your Renters Insurance Needs

If you rent a home in Mesa, AZ, our professional team at Freedom Insurance Agency is ready to assist with all your renter’s insurance needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect your valued belongings with comprehensive renters insurance through Freedom Insurance Agency.

What to Know About Motorhomes Before Hitting the Road

Motorhomes allow you to take the comfort of home on the road. However, before starting any journeys, there are some important things you need to understand about motorhomes. As with pretty much everything, motorhomes present some risks and challenges. Fortunately, you can mitigate many of these risks by taking out motorhome insurance and through other means. If you’d like to discuss motorhome insurance policies and if you’re looking for a provider that serves Mesa, AZ and other areas nearby, contact Freedom Insurance Agency.

Ensuring a Safe Trip With Your Motorhome

Motorhomes are large, heavy vehicles. As such, if you get into an accident, there is a high chance that many people could end up injured. This means you should closely inspect your motorhome before hitting the road. Among other things, you need to ensure that the brakes work correctly, that the tires are in great condition, and that all your turn signals and mirrors are in good shape.

It’s also crucial to get the right motorhome driver’s license. Also, if you’re new to operating motorhomes, you should practice driving your motorhome before embarking on a long road trip. You can start simply by taking short journeys around town. This will afford you the opportunity to understand how your vehicle responds while in operation.

That said, even the best drivers may end up in an accident. You may operate your vehicle safely and correctly, but someone else could cause an accident. Further, criminals might vandalize your motorhome or break in to steal your personal belongings.

The good news is that the right motorhome insurance plans can provide coverage for many events. Of course, to determine what’s covered and what isn’t, it’s a good idea to work with an insurance agent. If you’re looking at motorhome insurance policies, contact Freedom Insurance Agency. We serve Mesa, AZ and other communities.

Road Trip Mishaps: How RV Insurance Can Save Your Vacation

Embarking on a road trip is a thrilling adventure, but mishaps can happen. If you’re hitting the highways around Mesa, AZ, Freedom Insurance Agency understands the importance of a worry-free journey. Discover how RV insurance can be the key to saving your vacation from unexpected twists and turns.

The Joy of Road Trips

Road trips offer the freedom to explore, but unforeseen events can cast a shadow on your adventure. Serving the region of Mesa, AZ, we recognize the unique needs of travelers in our vibrant community and provide specialized RV insurance to ensure your journey remains as enjoyable as the destination.

Protecting Your Home on Wheels

Your RV is more than just a vehicle; it’s a home on wheels. Traditional auto insurance might fall short in safeguarding the unique features of your recreational vehicle. RV insurance is tailored to address the specific risks and potential mishaps that come with life on the road.

Coverage Beyond the Basics

RV insurance extends beyond standard auto coverage, offering protection for personal belongings, attached accessories, and even campsite liability. Whether you’re parked in the serene landscapes of Mesa or navigating the open road, we have you covered.

Why Choose Us?

As your trusted auto insurance provider in Mesa, AZ, we understand the diverse landscapes and adventures that come with living in this region. Our commitment goes beyond standard coverage—we prioritize providing peace of mind for your road trip experiences.

Hit the Road Confidently – Contact Us Today

Ready to enhance your road trip experience with comprehensive RV insurance? Contact Freedom Insurance Agency for expert advice on coverage options tailored to your travel needs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your vacation remains memorable for all the right reasons.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Aftermarket Parts and Accessories?

When outfitting a motorcycle with aftermarket parts and accessories, it’s important to make sure those are insured. Here’s how motorcycle insurance commonly treats aftermarket upgrades and mods.

Standard Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Standard motorcycle insurance policies usually cover the factory-standard parts of the motorcycle. These are the original components the bike came with when it was purchased.

Aftermarket parts and accessories — items added or changed after the original purchase — coverage isn’t always guaranteed under a standard policy.

Coverage for Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

That’s not to say coverage for aftermarket changes isn’t available. Many insurance companies offering coverage in Mesa, AZ offer coverage for aftermarket changes as an add-on or endorsement to a standard motorcycle insurance policy.

Illegal Changes Not Covered

Unsurprisingly, most changes that aren’t legal can’t be insured. If a mod makes a bike no longer street-legal, then it probably can’t be insured through motorcycle insurance. A different type of insurance (e.g. for dirt bikes) might be available.

Declaring Aftermarket Additions

With many policies, riders must notify their insurance company of aftermarket upgrades and mods that they want to be covered. Since there isn’t any one particular upgrade that’s always made, insurance companies need to know what particular additional parts are being insured.

If you ride in Mesa, AZ, we at Freedom Insurance Agency can help you notify an insurer of any aftermarket changes your bike might have.

Freedom Insurance Agency Is Here To Help

If you need help insuring a bike, including the stock bike and any modifications you’ve made, reach out to us at Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ. We’ll help you get your bike and its upgrades fully protected.

What Policies to Expect From Boat Insurance

 Do you own a watercraft in Mesa, AZ? Maybe consider getting boat insurance to pay for property damages or losses. Freedom Insurance Agency offers a variety of coverages, including boat insurance or watercraft insurance. Our team is interested in tailoring your insurance plan to meet your boating demands. 

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance is a niche insurance that covers watercraft ownership. A watercraft is defined as a type of vessel that travels on water; this could count as a sailboat, a raft, a jet craft, or a yacht. Just like a car, your boat or watercraft is vulnerable to theft, vandalism, storm damage, at-sea breakdowns, or even sinkage. Aside from the steerage and engine system, some boats hold entire homes onboard; this could include bathrooms, kitchens, and appliance sets. If this is the case for you, then you’ll likely need to pay for major boat maintenance repairs. A decent insurance plan should be able to pay for most of these things.

Boat Insurance Policies to Expect 

At the Freedom Insurance Agency, you can expect the insurer to provide liability coverage; this covers legal disputes experienced at sea or at a boating dock. Boat insurance will pay for accidents and collisions experienced at sea. If your watercraft has experienced property damage, theft, or sinkage, you can expect the insurance to pay for financial losses.

Getting Boat Insurance in and around Mesa, AZ

Freedom Insurance Agency offers boat insurance and watercraft insurance. Call our agency to get in touch with an experienced agent today. From there, we can discuss insurance options that are tailored to meet your boating needs.  

How Umbrella Insurance Works

When you have some of the liability coverage that you need but could still use more to be well-protected, umbrella insurance may be the answer. It works with two of the insurance policies that you already have to boost them both. If you have auto and home insurance policies, you can use umbrella insurance to add a layer of protection to both of them. Umbrella insurance is a cost-effective way to get more coverage right where you need it. To get your umbrella policy, call us at Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ.

More Liability Coverage

When you have an auto policy and a home policy, each of them comes with different kinds of coverage, including liability. Liability protects you against the cost of accidents that happen and their resulting medical bills. When there is an accident in your home, your home insurance has some liability coverage in it, though it may not be very much. The same can be true of your auto policy if you only have the bare minimum amount of liability coverage. A serious, expensive accident may cost more than the amount of coverage you have. When you get an umbrella policy, it adds more liability coverage to both of these policies. That gives you a much higher maximum payout after an accident so that you’re unlikely to be stuck with any overages. Getting umbrella coverage costs much less than it would to add to both of those policies directly. 

Paying for Accidents

After an accident has happened, the home or auto policy comes in first. They will pay for the medical bills and other expenses until they reach their maximum. After that, whatever is left over is paid for by your umbrella policy. 

Get Umbrella Liability Coverage

When you need umbrella insurance, call us today at Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ.