How Umbrella Insurance Works

When you have some of the liability coverage that you need but could still use more to be well-protected, umbrella insurance may be the answer. It works with two of the insurance policies that you already have to boost them both. If you have auto and home insurance policies, you can use umbrella insurance to add a layer of protection to both of them. Umbrella insurance is a cost-effective way to get more coverage right where you need it. To get your umbrella policy, call us at Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ.

More Liability Coverage

When you have an auto policy and a home policy, each of them comes with different kinds of coverage, including liability. Liability protects you against the cost of accidents that happen and their resulting medical bills. When there is an accident in your home, your home insurance has some liability coverage in it, though it may not be very much. The same can be true of your auto policy if you only have the bare minimum amount of liability coverage. A serious, expensive accident may cost more than the amount of coverage you have. When you get an umbrella policy, it adds more liability coverage to both of these policies. That gives you a much higher maximum payout after an accident so that you’re unlikely to be stuck with any overages. Getting umbrella coverage costs much less than it would to add to both of those policies directly. 

Paying for Accidents

After an accident has happened, the home or auto policy comes in first. They will pay for the medical bills and other expenses until they reach their maximum. After that, whatever is left over is paid for by your umbrella policy. 

Get Umbrella Liability Coverage

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What business owners need to know about umbrella insurance

Business owners and operators in the greater Mesa, AZ area can rely on the Freedom Insurance Agency. If you have any questions about the many effective ways that an umbrella policy can protect your company, give us a call today. 

Benefits of umbrella insurance for your business

The main benefit of an umbrella insurance policy is the additional liability protection it will give to your company. As a company becomes more established, it is more likely to become a target of frivolous lawsuits from either disgruntled employees or litigious customers.

Without enhanced liability, your company may be held financially responsible in situations where the firm’s primary policy is exhausted. Unfortunately, just one lawsuit could be enough to meet and exceed your primary policy limits. Without an umbrella policy in place to provide additional protection, the situation can quickly turn into a bad one.

When a company’s liability insurance is exhausted, it could be possible for a plaintiff to come after the business’s assets. And, depending on how a firm is structured, it could also be possible for the owners’ assets to be at risk. No one wants to go through this type of scenario, and the most effective way to avoid such a situation is with an umbrella insurance policy.

Why not sit down now with a local agent to review your current liability protection and determine if it still meets all of your company’s coverage needs?

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