What Policies to Expect From Boat Insurance

 Do you own a watercraft in Mesa, AZ? Maybe consider getting boat insurance to pay for property damages or losses. Freedom Insurance Agency offers a variety of coverages, including boat insurance or watercraft insurance. Our team is interested in tailoring your insurance plan to meet your boating demands. 

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance is a niche insurance that covers watercraft ownership. A watercraft is defined as a type of vessel that travels on water; this could count as a sailboat, a raft, a jet craft, or a yacht. Just like a car, your boat or watercraft is vulnerable to theft, vandalism, storm damage, at-sea breakdowns, or even sinkage. Aside from the steerage and engine system, some boats hold entire homes onboard; this could include bathrooms, kitchens, and appliance sets. If this is the case for you, then you’ll likely need to pay for major boat maintenance repairs. A decent insurance plan should be able to pay for most of these things.

Boat Insurance Policies to Expect 

At the Freedom Insurance Agency, you can expect the insurer to provide liability coverage; this covers legal disputes experienced at sea or at a boating dock. Boat insurance will pay for accidents and collisions experienced at sea. If your watercraft has experienced property damage, theft, or sinkage, you can expect the insurance to pay for financial losses.

Getting Boat Insurance in and around Mesa, AZ

Freedom Insurance Agency offers boat insurance and watercraft insurance. Call our agency to get in touch with an experienced agent today. From there, we can discuss insurance options that are tailored to meet your boating needs.