Hitting the Road: How is Full-Time Motorhome Insurance Different from Vacation Use?

Are You One of a Million Full-Time RVers?

According to the RV Industry Association, there are a million RVers in the USA living as "full-time nomads." If you’re one of them or live six months or more in your RV each year, we’re with you at Freedom Insurance Agency in Mesa, AZ. The insurance needs of the full-time RV life are different from occasional vacation use.

When you’re taking a trip every now and then, your insurance is similar to motorist insurance for your car or another vehicle. Once you make RV life your lifestyle, the coverage that includes typical homeowner-style elements can make your life much easier.

What are the Concerns of Full-Time RV Life?

One of the most important coverage features you might need while living in your RV long-term is providing somewhere you can live if your RV needs damage repairs. You’ll also need to think more about liability issues, even shared liability if you’re part of an RV park HOA. There are typical concerns of visitors to your home experiencing an injury, and inadvertent harm to others’ property by your RV’s occupants that causes damage, which your standard homeowner’s policy would be designed for in "stationary life."

Other Areas Full-Timers Think About

Coverage for your personal property, medical expenses, and any coverage required by your lender if you have an RV loan may be important. In the event that your RV is totaled, there are several kinds of insurance available that can make sure you’ll still be able to afford a new replacement RV, even if the value of your RV has declined over the years. Don’t forget RV-scale roadside assistance and towing. 

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