Things to Know About Boat Insurance if Your Vessel is in Storage

Keeping your boat in storage during the off-season is often necessary, and it’s important to understand the hazards involved and the need for sufficient coverage. It isn’t a requirement for Mesa, AZ residents to purchase boat insurance, but many lenders will require that you have indemnification while you carry a balance. 

How Boat Insurance Helps

Homeowners’ insurance will cover some vessels, but there is usually a limit in size to what is included. Canoes or sailboats that travel less than 25 miles per hour can often fall under home insurance when stored on your property, and your Freedom Insurance Agency agent will be able to give you more specific details. 

Your boat can face perils on land, such as a fire to the unit in which it is contained, damaging the structure and body of the watercraft. In addition, expensive equipment can be affected as well. Your vessel can be a target of vandalism or of theft, and it’s important to inventory the customized features you have added to your boat and to record the value these impart.

Winter storms can damage your storage facility or cause leaks and subsequent water damage that can create issues with mold. It’s important to be aware of insect populations or of small burrowing animals that can wreak havoc on electronic systems, chewing through wires. Even falling trees can pose a hazard, as can the ice storms that sometimes accompany them. 

Repairing or replacing a boat can be costly when subject to perils in storage, and a good insurance policy can help alleviate out-of-pocket expenses. 

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